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EQUATRAN is a software application to solve sets of mathematical equations which are often used in chemical engineering practice. Unlike commercial process simulators, EQUATRAN allows users to solve algebraic and differential equations as user-specified form which is especially convenient to develop your own kinetic models.

Using EQUATRAN On-line

You can use EQUATRAN on-line to do quick calculations such as solving non-linear equations, solving differential equations with/without non-linear equations, optimizing VLE parameters, optimizing reaction kinetic constants which are not easy in Microsoft Excel.

System Configuration

  • OS: Microsoft Windows 10
  • Hard disk with unused memory capacity of at least 10MB
  • Microsoft Windows-compatible display monitor, printer and mouse

Support Policy

We will provide technical support to users other than the users under academic license of EQUATRAN software who encounter difficulties with any of the following items until the end of 5th year after purchase:

  • Unable to start the software in the designated computer during a valid license period.
  • Unable to use the designated computer and therefore needing to transfer the license to a different computer.
  • Encountering an unexplained error when running a calculation.
  • Unable to converge a calculation.

Although we will do our best to resolve these issues, we will not necessarily perform a detailed investigation and/or calculation if this will be excessively time-consuming.

Please send support requests by email to:
Please provide the following information when you contact us by email:

  • Name
  • Profession (e.g., engineer)
  • Company name
  • Email address (two addresses if possible, in case we have difficulty replying to one address) and telephone number..
  • Country of residence

Please be aware that we may not respond to anonymous requests if the above information is not provided.

In some cases we may recommend a paid consulting solution. This may be appropriate if your problem needs more detailed investigation and/or calculation due to, for example: complex (many-variable) problem, many lines of code, urgency to solve the problem, etc.


EQUATRAN was originally developed by Mitsui Chemical Corporation of Japan in 1975 as a tool for chemical engineers to make calculations for the design and operation of chemical production processes. It was later commercialised by Omega Simulation and has become a standard software tool used by over 2,000 users throughout the Japanese chemical industry.