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Public training course on spray dryer will be conducted in Bangkok Thailand on October 25th and 26th.

This training will focus on design, modeling and scale-up of spray drying:

Spray Drying is a widely used unit operation in various areas in process industries from petrochemicals to Life Science chemicals including agricultural chemicals, food and pharmaceuticals. One of the benefits of using spray dryer is improvement of properties of powders for anti-coking, ease of flow and so on. Practical consideration, however, must be made on several aspects: static electricity may be a problem for a possible explosion in case of using organic solvent in petrochemicals; Life Science chemicals industries where water is often used as solvent need to address the deterioration of product quality by hot air for drying; control of particle size distribution is sometimes required to adjust the bulk density of the products.

This two-day course addresses important considerations related to heat balance modeling to predict outlet temperature (DAY1); and mechanism and control of droplet formation related to particle size distribution as well as the scale up of spray drying process (DAY2)

This will be a joint course with Chemical Engineering Department of Chulalongkorn University of Thailand.

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