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Physical Properties

Determination of Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium Parameters Using Azeotropic Data (1109)
The vapor-liquid equilibrium calculations using activity coefficient models such as the Wilson and NRTL models are widely practiced and have a number of successful applications. Binary parameters are required in order to use activity coefficient models, and they are generally determined from actually measured vapor-liquid equilibrium data. On the other hand, even when vapor-liquid equilibrium data is not measured, it is possible to estimate vapor-liquid equilibrium with relatively high accuracy when azeotropic data can be used. Here we will consider a method for estimating the binary parameters of an activity coefficient model using azeotropic data, and examine the accuracy of this method. (H. Taguchi)
Estimation of Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium from Liquid-Liquid Equilibrium Data (1202)
First, we introduced a vapor-liquid equilibrium estimation method from azeotropic data as an estimation method of vapor-liquid equilibrium in the absence of measured values (Tips #1109). Here, we will introduce a vapor-liquid equilibrium estimation method when liquid-liquid equilibrium data can be used. The liquid-liquid equilibrium data is usually in a lower temperature region than the vapor-liquid equilibrium. (Y. Kumagae)
Determination of Antoine Equation Parameters (1212)
Physical property data is extremely important for performing process design and plant data analysis. Physical properties include equilibrium physical properties (pure substance vapor pressure, vapor-liquid equilibrium, specific heat, heat of evaporation, etc.) and transport properties (viscosity, thermal conductivity, diffusion coefficients). Among these, the pure substance vapor pressure is significantly important as it is the basis for estimating other physical property values. We will introduce a parameter determination method for the Antoine equation which is often used for pure substance vapor pressure calculations. (Y. Kumagae)