PreFEED corporation solution for R&D to Design

Tips to Scale-up & Design

Chemical Engineering knowledge is necessary for scale-up consideration, process design, trouble shooting etc. Although the knowledge taught at the universities is important as foundation, we need more experience to address these areas in the practical situations.
PreFEED has obtained and is developing the practical knowledge by working with process industries. We would like to share some of our experience for you to use as tips.

Physical Properties

  • On the B Value of the Antoine Equation (0811)
  • Effect of Pressure and Third Component on Azeotropic Composition (1001)
  • Guidelines for Ternary Azeotropic Points (1007)
  • Determination of Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium Parameters Using Azeotropic Data (1109)
  • Estimation of Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium from Liquid-Liquid Equilibrium Data (1202)
  • Determination of Antoine Equation Parameters (1212)


  • ΔL Law in Crystallization (0901)

Evaporation / Distillation

  • Guidelines for the Number of Distillation Separation Stages (0902)
  • Guidelines for Distillation Column Thermal Analysis and Optimal Reflux Ratio (0907)
  • Calculation of Minimum Number of Theoretical Stages using Fenske Equation (1009)
  • Effect of Pressure on Distillation Separation Operation (1205)

Heat Transfer

  • Influence of Dominant Factors on Overall Heat Transfer Coefficient (1105)
  • Considerations about Heat Exchanger Temperature Differences (1112)
  • Heat Transfer Piping Materials and Overall Heat Transfer Coefficients (1207)


  • Differences between Batch and Continuous Operations (1002)