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Solutions from R&D through Process Design and Plant Operation

PreFEED Corporation, based in Japan supports process industries world-wide by providing educational services, modeling & consulting and software tool to address scale-up issues and to improve chemical plant performance.

What`s New

Public training course on spray dryer will be conducted in Bangkok Thailand on October 25th and 26th.
Five new materials of "Tips to Scale-up & Design" are released.
They cover the following topics:

* 0811: Estimation of heat of vaporization from vapor pressure data
* 1001: Change of azeotropic point by pressure
* 1002: Examples of batch operations better than continuous operations in reaction and evaporation
* 1007: Relationship between ternary Azeotropic Point and binary azeotropes
* 1009: Quick method to design distillation column
Ten tips to scale-up & design were released.
The homepage was renewed.